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Campus Safety Escort Service Student Coordinator

The Student Coordinator of the Campus Safety Escort Service (CSES) is housed within the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) and is responsible for ensuring as well as promoting the wellbeing of the Service, providing direction for CSES, formulating beneficial policies, maintaining positive morale among volunteer safety escorts through incentive programs and effective leadership, assisting the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), and managing campus relations relative to CSES. The Coordinator reports directly to the CSES Advisor.

Required Job Responsibilities
  • Look over applications of prospective volunteers and select those that would be good additions to the CSES team to interview.
  • Interview and conduct reference checks on prospective volunteers.
  • Complete all paperwork needed to hire volunteer safety escorts. 
  • Schedule and conduct training sessions with all newly hired volunteer safety escorts. There are two trainings focused on familiarizing new hires with policies, protocol, and equipment usage.
  • Plan and lead a general training session to acclimatize returning volunteers with the Service as well as introduce new policies.

  • Attend weekly meetings and maintain constant communication with the CSES Advisor. 
  • Be available during scheduled office hours for Service preparations and work (i.e. interviews, trainings, scheduling, updating and creating new forms, etc.).
  • Familiarize yourself with basic information and events of the Women’s Resource Center (WRC).
  • Keep files in order and make additions when new ideas or programs arise. 
  • Plan, organize, and publicize events like socials and the annual end-of-the-year Banquet. 
  • Use statistics of people escorted quarterly to determine awards and distribute gift cards.

  • Publicize volunteer opportunities to recruit students to join CSES. 
  • Attend the summer Highlander Orientation sessions to recruit incoming freshmen and promote greater awareness about the Service. 
  • Participate at student involvement fairs and/or programs to provide information about the Service and to recruit volunteers. 
  • Create flyers and other promotional material for campus distribution or postings. 
  • Be in constant communication with the general library staff, Campus Police, HUB staff, and Fleet Services to handle any new procedures, schedule changes, or concerns. 
  • Maintain morale and line of communication with the other Coordinator, the Advisor, all volunteers, escortees, etc. 

  • Be on duty two to three times per week to supervise volunteer safety escorts. This involves being available in person as needed and carrying the duty phone/radio to handle any emergencies that may arise during shifts.
  • Ensure all shifts are staffed with enough volunteers and equipment.
  • Issue CSES duty shirts once a volunteer becomes active and collect them at the end of the academic year or when the volunteer is no longer active.
  • Make quarterly arrangements to repair and/or purchase new equipment (i.e. radios, flashlights, cart, etc.).
  • Select and train volunteers to be dispatchers and/or cart drivers.
  • Maintain statistics of the total number of students, staff, or faculty escorted quarterly. 

  • Create new ideas and programs that will continually expand and improve CSES. 
  • Amend policies or devise new ones as needed, with final approval of the CSES Advisor.  
  • Revise the Training Manual at the beginning of each academic year, and secure final approval from the Advisor.